Pasta and rice
with less carbs

+ high protein & gluten free

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"The pasta is absolutely amazing! Filled with protein and fiber, and you know it is good for you." — Maryam

Thousands of 5-star reviews

Clean, simple ingredients

Made from lupini beans

Ready in 4-6 minutes

"The most delicious pasta ever"

- Jen G

Real Customer Reviews

"Kaizen honestly blows me away. the texture on its own tastes like a lentil pasta, and with a sauce my kids couldn't even tell this was lowcarb."

- Leah G

If you haven't tried Kaizen pasta, be ready to be blown away. It's the BEST low-carb pasta I've tried yet. Made with lupin beans!


"This is the best low-carb pasta brand I've had. The taste and texture are similar to whole wheat pasta. Highly recommend!"

- Jada M

YOUR KAIZEN PASTA IS FANTASTIC!!! I have tried so many pasta substitutes and I hated them all. This is crazy good.