• I get it — most low carb pastas are gross.

That’s why I went on this quest to create a high protein, low carb pasta that could both help people reach their nutrition goals and taste great.

The majority of pastas are made almost entirely of carbs. Sure, they taste delicious, but when you’re trying to meet specific nutrition goals, pasta is rarely on the table. And we wanted to bring it back.

Enter the Lupini Bean

We tried making a low carb pasta out of basically every ingredient you can think of. After years of experimenting, we stumbled upon the magical lupini bean. It mimics the experience of eating real pasta but with an improved nutrient profile. It’s low carb, high protein, gluten-free and grain-free. Finally, you can enjoy pasta again.

Comparison chart

Why I Started Kaizen

In 2017, I found myself obese and out of shape. For two decades, I had set out to lose weight. I failed, rebounded and repeated the cycle, chronically pursuing diet after diet in hopes of a miracle solution. You name it, I tried it, and while each diet had a different philosophy, they all shared one common thread: they were restrictive.

At a certain point, usually after the first 5, 10, 20 pounds, I would crave the foods I felt deprived from, jump back into his old habits and eventually gain back all the weight, then some.

A switch finally flipped and I realized I didn’t have to deprive myself, I just had to focus on eating healthier versions of my favorite foods (pasta especially).

After various iterations, Kaizen was born — a low carb pasta that looks, cooks and feels just like pasta — helping people to still enjoy their meals while also meeting their goals.

- Arash Hashemi