8 Reasons Why Lupini Pasta is the Best Keto Pasta

Image of Kaizen lupin pasta in a bowl topped with chopped parsley.

The best keto pasta is finally here. 

Whether you're a newbie to the keto diet or you've been carefully watching your carb intake for years, there's a good chance you've been in the same shoes I was when I first started my low-carb journey. 

During my major health transformation (weight loss of 100 pounds!) that I documented via Shred Happens, it quickly became evident that there wasn't a great option for healthier versions of traditional pasta, one of my favorite foods. 

From konjac noodles to palmini noodles and all of the low carb noodles in between (and I tried MANY), none of the low-carb pasta substitutes came even close to regular pasta.

Sure, zucchini noodles and kelp noodles can have a solid place in any low-carb or keto lifestyle, but the truth is, when it comes to flavor and texture, keto noodles simply don’t hold a candle to the real deal… until now. 

I set out on a mission to develop the best keto pasta and the first low-carb, high-protein dried pasta that all eaters could enjoy. 

Through years of trial and error (and a brief stint with an almond flour pasta that received brutal, soul-crushing reviews), we discovered that lupin flour was the secret ingredient to creating the perfect keto pasta recipe (keep reading to find out why!). 

Kaizen Food Company was born (Kai means “change” while Zen means “for the better”) and we launched lupini pasta as our flagship product. In case you're wondering, the stellar reviews speak for themselves.

So, here are eight reasons why our lupini pasta is the best keto pasta. After you try it, I guarantee you'll agree!

-Arash Hashemi

co-founder, Kaizen Food Company and creator behind ShredHappens

1. It tastes like the real thing. 

Slightly sweet yet neutral in flavor, our lupin flour pasta varieties actually taste like real pasta. Say goodbye to other low carb pasta alternatives like shirataki noodles, miracle noodles or eggplant noodles! 

We believe that when it comes to good pasta, you shouldn't have to compromise. The texture of our keto pasta noodles are tender yet firm and perfectly chewy. What makes our lupini pasta such a great alternative is both taste and texture will meet your pasta expectations. #PastaGoals.

2. Lupini beans are an amazing superfood.

Our pasta is made with lupin flour, which is ground lupini (a.k.a lupin) beans. They are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and their uses date back to centuries ago! Lupini beans have long been regarded as a nutritional powerhouse with incredible anti-inflammatory, digestive and heart health benefits. 

Because of the nutritional profile of this ancient superfood- a legume that is high in fiber, protein and antioxidants- lupini beans are increasing in popularity. It's about time we lean into the bean!

 3. Lupini pasta is high in protein.

Lupini beans pack a protein punch! Each serving of our pasta offers 20 grams of protein, which is nearly double the amount of protein in chickpea pasta and nearly triple the amount of protein in traditional pasta. 

And since it's plant-based protein, our keto pasta works for plant-based eaters, too. 

To sum it up, our pasta is protein pasta, perfected.

4. It has macros you'll love.

We're tired of bland pasta alternatives that only act as a stand-in for the real thing (a.k.a. a vessel for your favorite sauce).  

We strive to create products that offer a healthier, nutritious substitute to help you crush your goals. Our mission is reflected in our macros. Take a look at the numbers! 

Per serving, Kaizen's lupin flour pasta varieties contain:

  • 20 grams of plant-based protein
  • 15 grams of fiber
  • 6 g net carbs *
  • 130 calories

Low calorie and low carb doesn’t have to leave you with "low nutrients" and our lupini pasta is proof! 

*Each serving contains 21 grams of carbs. Net carbs = total carbohydrates - dietary fiber.

5. The ingredient list is short and sweet.

Just four simple ingredients are required to make the best keto pasta. And more importantly- you can pronounce them all! 

Our lupin flour pasta contains: lupin flour, fava bean protein, tapioca starch and xanthan gum. That's it! 

We like knowing what's in our foods, how about you? Our ingredient list is short, simple and clean, the way food products should be.

6. Our pasta fits a variety of lifestyles.

A pasta for all eaters? It's true and something we like to brag about. 

Kaizen's lupini bean pasta is the best option for low-carb and keto eaters as well as anyone looking for nutritious, gluten-free pasta that hits all your macro needs.

Since lupin flour pasta is also low-glycemic, it even serves as the perfect pasta for diabetics and others who need to maintain a low blood sugar. Unlike other low-carb pasta options, Kaizen lupin pasta is nutrient-dense, too.

Our pasta is:

  • ketogenic diet and low-carb diet friendly
  • plant-based
  • gluten free
  • grain free
  • dairy free
  • kid-approved
  • low glycemic and diabetic friendly 

7. Lupini beans are sustainable to grow.

Here's yet another reason to lean into the bean, especially if you support sustainable food sources. 

The lupini bean is known as a sustainable crop due to its low water footprint and its ability to produce organic nitrogen which helps maintain healthy soil. 

A delicious and nutritional pasta that also contributes to sustainable agriculture for the future of our food industry?! It's no wonder they're getting their rightful place in the spotlight.

8. Lupini pasta is versatile.

With the look, taste and texture of the real thing, our lupini pasta is just as versatile as traditional pasta! 

Top a big bowl of pasta with your favorite tomato sauce and a generous sprinkle of fresh parmesan cheese or transform mac and cheese into a high-protein version

We prefer all of our pastas al dente, but you do you! 

With several shapes to choose from- including Fusilli, Ziti and Radiatori- there's a Kaizen pasta to fit all of your low-carb pasta needs.

Recipes to Try

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Now you can have your pasta and eat it too! 

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